9 Months Ago I Thought My Life Was Over: Man Goes From Jail To Huge Promotion At Work In 9 Months

No nation secures a higher percentage of its people than the United States of America, with the 2.3 million Americans presently jailed comprising almost a quarter of the whole world’ s jail population .

The factors for this unfortunate fact are myriad and recommend that something is seriously incorrect with the system, especially when you think about that 77% of the state detainees launched in 2005 were re-arrested by 2010 . Individuals struck rock bottom, make errors and appear to get stuck in a spiral that going to prison just appears to worsen, instead of assist to fix up. That’ s not constantly the case, and this motivating story reveals what can be possible with the best mindset and some tough work while behind bars.

Told by Imgur user nonyabiness , it is a tale of positivity, commitment, a little luck and the power of a fresh viewpoint. If absolutely nothing else, going to prison forces you to stop your dependencies, take an action back and reassess your concerns. The turn-around in nonyabiness ’ life is an amazing one and shows that no matter how dark of a location you may be in, there is constantly a factor to keep battling! (Facebook cover image: Mark Klotz )

“ Spent the last 2 years intoxicated and homeless”

Image credits: torroid( not the real image)

“ Then went to prison for 9 months ”

Image credits: shutterstock/ Fure( not the real image)

“ Just got a big promo that includes $ 17k to what I presently make ”

People were amazed and influenced by nonyabiness ’ turn-around

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