Chris Evans Shuts Down Fox News Host Who Taunted Parkland Shooting Survivor

These days, it appears as if we’re residing in an alternate truth– one in which absolutely nothing makes good sense and empathy appears to be dead and cold.

I indicate, individuals (and by individuals, I suggest conservatives) are really buffooning the teenage survivors of a mass shooting, for God’s sake. It’s quite tough to ethically sink much lower than that– however everybody’s preferred Fox News host with a fondness for providing a Nazi salutes has actually shown us incorrect with her immature and incredibly revolting habits.

Yep, you thought it– Laura Ingraham, the lady who buffooned March for Our Lives organizer and Parkland survivor David Hogg for not entering UCLA.

Does it get much classier than this? I’m informing you, we have actually got to be in the Twilight Zone today.

The concern that’s concerned the majority of sane individuals’s minds after reading her tweet is, essentially, “What the hell is incorrect with you ?!”

But who much better than to put Ingraham in her location than the personification of reality, justice, and genuine American worths: Captain America himself, otherwise referred to as star Chris Evans.

Team Cap concurs.

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