Everyone is roasting the new Avengers video game

We are finally getting a video game adaptation ofThe Avengers—and wait, just who are these people?

Fans of the sprawling universe created by Marvel Studios have been eagerly awaiting an update on the highly anticipated game since it was announced in 2017. At E3 2019 this week, Marvel finally gave fans a look at the game, which is set to be released in just over a year on May 15.

Many fans were delighted at the news, but others took to the internet to mock the upcoming Avengers videogame. In particular, they seized upon the jarring appearance of the title characters. Fans noted that none of the characters appearing in the game look anything like their Hollywood counterparts. In fact, while the game shares the same cinematic and character styles as the MCU, none of the characters will share a likeness or a voice with the superheroes we fell in love with on the big screen.

The odd-looking Avengers inspired instant memes.

While many people still expressed excitement for the Square Enix Marvel collaboration, others couldn’t get past the look of the characters. As some fans pointed out, it had less to do with the characters looking different and more to do with how, exactly, they looked. As one Twitter user put it “I could get over them not looking like the actors if they didn’t look so damn weird.”

Soon, the appearances of all the characters were being scrutinized. Most people couldn’t help but take a shot at the new and definitely-not-improved Captain America.

Other people couldn’t get past the plain and uninspiring looks sported by the rest of the cast. Natasha looks like a middle-aged bank teller. Bruce sports the exact same lookand even energyof Mark Ruffalo, which really just makes you miss Ruffalo. At least Iron Man wears a mask.

Some people couldn’t get past the outdated look of the trailer, and others just wanted to know where the hell Hawkeye got off to.

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