Heroic Teen Saves Toddler Who Fell From A Second Story Window – Watch The Miraculous Catch! – Perez Hilton

Forget Spider-Man — there’s a new friendly neighborhood hero who deserves your undivided attention!

A Turkish teen is being applauded for saving the life of a two-year-old girl who fell from an open window in Istanbul.

According to reports, Feuzi Zabaat was out on a walk last Thursday when he noticed toddler Dora Muhammed dangling from a second-story window. Security footage of the 17-year-old shows him pointing up at the tot as she hangs from the window as other witnesses go about their business.

The teen continues to look around in disbelief at everyone else’s obliviousness, then he suddenly reaches out his arms and catches the falling child before she hits the pavement.

Watch the dramatic rescue (below)!


Recounting the incident to The Independent, Zabaat said:

“I was walking down the road when I saw a 2-year-old girl hanging from a window. I walked closer to her, and as she fell I held on to her.”

Yes he did!

The teen then cradled the girl in his arms as people nearby ran over to check on the fallen child, who thankfully suffered no injuries — all because Zabaat was miraculously in the right place at the right time. 

Other witnesses applauded the hero’s quick, lion-like reflexes. Speaking to the Independent, witness Izzet Bayir said:

“I was walking from the top of the street toward the bottom. I saw this man looking up. It caught my attention — ‘What’s happening?’ And I saw that this little girl was about to fall. This lion of a person caught this child in mid-air and reunited her with her family.”

Dora’s family is eternally grateful, unsurprisingly. The tot’s father, Yusuf Muhammed, reportedly gifted Zabaat a 200 Turkish lira (about $35 in the U.S.) for saving his daughter’s life.

Unfortunately, children falling out of windows is not uncommon during the hot days of summer when families tend to leave the windows open for ventilation.

In June 2017 alone, four toddlers in San Jose, California fell out of second or third story windows in just a two-week span. According to Mercury News, all four toddlers were rushed to local hospitals and were treated for injuries that included scrapes, bruises, and broken bones. One of the children was in serious condition.

The string of falls prompted Santa Clara Valley Medical Center officials to issue a warning about the dangers of leaving windows open with small children in the residence. 

Dr. Adella Garland, director of general surgery at the hospital where the children were treated at, told the paper at the time:

“The best recommendation we have for parents is to move furniture away from a window… Window screens do not prevent falls.”

Dora’s family was certainly lucky Turkey’s very own Spidey was around that day!

[Image via ABC7]

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