Hilary Duffs Fianc Is Mad as Hell (at a DJ) and Not Going to Take It Anymore

Matthew Koma is ready to provide clarity.

Hes the songwriter behind DJ Zedds first hits, but Koma doesnt want you to think of them as Zedds songs. He says theyre his.

Wednesday afternoon, Hilary Duffs new fianc (now the lead singer of band Winnetka Bowling League) wrote a two-tweet, eight-part Notes app letter titled Dear Zedd. In it, he chronicles his toxic and abusive relationship with the DJ, whom Koma claims stole writing credit on numerous hit tracks.

Koma begins by acknowledging the years of questions about what happened to the once-successful partnership that produced Zedds breakout hits Spectrum and the Grammy-winning smash Clarity.

Unfortunately my good feelings toward those songs have all but disappeared as they were experienced alongside someone so toxic and self-serving that it occupied the space where any happiness could exist, Koma says in the statement. He continued, Shitty people suck and when theyre successful people are afraid to blow the whistle.

Koma then backs up to chronicle their uneasy partnership. He and Zedd, whose legal name is Anton Zaslavski, began collaborating before the DJ signed to Interscope Records. We met as equals, Koma said. Things were apparently rough from the start. Koma offers a backhanded compliment that Zedd was a very talented producer back when he was involved in his productions.

Then Koma gets personal, saying Zedd took credit in interviews for his lyricism without mentioning Koma. I wrote every word and melody, Koma said of the songs Clarity and Spectrum.

While Zedd and Koma are the only credited writers on Spectrum, Clarity was also credited to Skylar Grey and Porter Robinson. Koma does not mention either of the alleged co-writers in any of his eight notes.

In part two of his statement, Koma goes on the offensive. Zedds persona as genius classical pianist evidently hurt their live performances, as Koma claims Zedd once refused to change the key of a song. Later he found out, It was because he could only play piano in the key of C and the keyboard wouldnt transpose.

After Koma posted his eight-part statement on Instagram, his comments were flooded with supportive statements. Duff praised her fianc, writing, This is so important for people who love the music to know. Writers are taken advantage of, ignored, and mistreated. Proud of you for finally speaking up <3.

Other musicians Instagram comments ranged from general shock (HOLY SHIT i just realized you sing one of my favorite songs!!! said Ashley Tisdale) to support (The unfortunate dark side of the music business, Bebe Rehxa commented) to agreement (

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