Jaclyn Hill Deactivates Social Media Accounts Amid Cosmetics Controversy – & Fans Have THEORIES! – Perez Hilton

Jaclyn Hill has completely ghosted her social media followers amid her botched cosmetics controversy.

The YouTube beauty vlogger vanished from Twitter and Instagram in the sneaky hours of Wednesday morning, putting her millions of followers in limbo as After initially

Followers were quick to notice makeup martyr’s pages had gone dark, and wasted no time preparing for one of Twitter’s signature #canceled parties:

(c) Twitter
(c) Twitter

One user cooked up a pretty smart theory as to why Hill deactivated her pages: having no accounts means she can’t lose followers!

(c) Twitter

Brilliant detective work!

As the hate poured in, another user reminded fans that Jaclyn suffers from extreme anxiety — which could be why she didn’t want to face the Twiticism head on:

(c) Twitter

It’s true: back in January, the YouTuber followed up a sweet selfie with a tweet explaining the mental unrest that came with it, writing:

“FACT: I had an anxiety attack 3 minutes after this photo was taken. For NO reason. Got so dizzy I almost fell out my chair & felt like I couldn’t breathe. My boyfriend boxed the food before we could even eat & we bolted out. Things aren’t always as they seem. Remember that!” 


Hopefully, Hill’s social media silence just means she’s super focused on fixing her business.

We’re sure she’ll resurface again soon!

[Image via Jaclyn Hill/YouTube]

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