This App Uses AI To Predict What You Will Look Like In 20 Years

There is an item on exhibition at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2019 that lets you peer into the future. It won’ t be able to inform you the result of the 2020 governmental election or the long-lasting socio-economic effect of the shambolic mess that is Brexit — however it will provide you a peek into your future, particularly what you will look like in 20 years ’ time.


What you choose to do with this brand-new present depends on you.

Olay’ s brand-new app is an expert system crystal ball that examines the state of your skin to anticipate how your face will age in the coming years. It works by finding locations of staining or damage in the skin and comparing the information to a bank of more than 1,000 images, to then figure out how an individual of your age and ethnic culture would be anticipated to age over the next 20 years.

The “ Future You Simulation ” app is currently up and running in China however is anticipated to introduce in the United States later on this year.

As we grow older, our skin establishes age areas and wrinkles, our lips get thinner, and our face ends up being rounder. Skin Advisor by Olay

To discover what you will appear like in 2039 — offered, naturally, we have not ruined the world or nuked ourselves to termination — you just submit a selfie and key in your age and ethnic background. And after that, voila!

The app provides you with what they call your skin age (you can attempt that bit out here ). This implies that if your skin age is 28, the flexibility and tone of your face looks like that of a typical age of a 28-year-old — it does not matter if you are truly 35 or 21.

Next, you have the chance to discover what you appeared like 20 years earlier and what will appear like in 20 years ’ time by moving the button towards the bottom of the screen. Be cautioned: you may not be prepared to see what the future has in shop for you.

There is even a function to let you see how you will search in 20 years ’ time with and without routine sun block usage.

The doubters amongst you may believe this is a tactic to get you to invest in Olay’ s charm items– and to a particular level, you might be. The function of this app is to offer you some valuable tips on how to decrease aging and keep your skin looking healthy and intense for as long as possible. And yes, that might consist of getting an Olay item or 2.

To have a look at what other interesting tech goodies CES has in shop for 2019, have a look at our roundup of the most interesting items showed at the conference here .

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