Why the National Enquirer says it decided to investigate Jeff Bezos

(CNN)A couple of hours after Jeff Bezos and his better half MacKenzie revealed their divorce , the National Enquirer had a statement of its own.

The Enquirer and other outletsidentified the female as Lauren Sanchez, a previous anchor for Fox’s regional station in Los Angeles.
Representatives for Bezos have actually had no discuss the reports about Sanchez. CNN has actually connected to Sanchez for remark, however has actually not heard back.

    The cover guarantees to reveal readers “the unfaithful images that ended his marital relationship” with not one, not 2, however “11 pages of special images.”

    The tabloid is best understood for marvelous stories about Hollywood stars, not tech billionaires. Why did the Enquirer choose to pursue Bezos?
    Media experts right away questioned a Donald Trump connection, considered that the president has actually consistently slammed Amazon as a business and Bezos as an individual.Trump has actually consistently assaulted Bezos on Twitter for how his administration is covered by The Washington Post, which Bezos has actually owned given that 2013.
    Consider: Trump had a friendly relationship with American Media Inc. manager David Pecker for years. Pecker dealt with Trump and previous Trump attorney Michael Cohen to squash awkward stories throughout the 2016 project. At the very same time, the tabloid highlighted favorable stories about Trump and unfavorable stories about his challengers on its cover.
    After the election, the Trump-Enquirer cooperation continued. There were claims– leveled by MSNBC hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski — that the Enquirer was utilized as a weapon versus Trump critics.
    But the collaboration noticeably ended in April when the FBI robbed Cohen’s workplace and subpoenaed records from the Enquirer.
    Last August, when Cohen pled guilty to project financing offenses, he confessed to dealing with an unnamed media business CEO “at the demand of the prospect” to squelch stories. That unnamed CEO is understood to be Pecker.
    In December, district attorneys revealed a non-prosecution contract with National Enquirer moms and dad business American Media Inc., efficiently eliminating charges for the publisher, Pecker, and his leading deputy Dylan Howard.
    This validated that the Enquirer had actually “turned” on Trump, so to speak.
    According to the arrangement, the business is bound to comply with authorities and “reveal all details with regard to the activities of itself and its officers, staff members, and representatives worrying all matters” private investigators ask about for a duration of 3 years or up until prosecutions are finished.
    CNN’s current evaluation of the Enquirer’s cover stories revealed that the tabloid all of a sudden stopped promoting Trump — or discussing him at all– in April.
    This timeline would appear to challenge the theory that the Enquirer is out to get Bezos due to the fact that Bezos is on Trump’s opponents list.
    Still, it was noteworthy to see Howard– the primary material officer for American Media– sharing among the bylines on the Enquirer’s Bezos story.
    Business Insider released a story on Wednesday with a heading that checked out “The National Enquirer, a long time ally of President Trump, states it’s about to launch outrageous images of Jeff Bezos’ supposed affair.”
    MSNBC’s Chris Hayes shared a link to the Enquirer’s special on Twitter and stated, “Given whatever we understand about how Pecker’s National Enquirer has actually worked as basically an arm of Trumpworld, this triggers some concerns.”+
    A source with ties to the Enquirer used a various reasoning for the reporting effort: “It’s fanciful to recommend that the Enquirer pursued this due to the fact that Bezos is a viewed opponent. It was pursued since he’s the world’s wealthiest male and a relevant topic.”
    The source stated the Enquirer chose to check out Bezos about 5 months earlier. Discussions with sources caused a “particular idea” 4 months back, the individual stated.
    A handful of professional photographers dealt with a group of press reporters on the examination, the individual included. The tabloid, most likely in a quote to offer more copies, is promoting this as “the biggest examination in Enquirer history.”
    Another source, an individual knowledgeable about the National Enquirer’s operation, likewise declined the theory that the Enquirer was attempting to assist Trump.
    “Anyone who understands Dylan Howard understands he is aiming to restore reliability. This is his redemption piece after all the current scandals,” the source stated.
        Trump, who has actually been separated two times, was inquired about the Bezos news throughout a Q&A with press reporters on Thursday.
        “I want him luck, Trump stated. “It’s going to be an appeal.”

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