Freezing Temperatures And Strong Winds Turned Balaton Lake Into A Winter Wonderland

I want to reveal you my current pictures of Fonyd-Alsblatelep beach at Lake Balaton in Hungary. The beach is ice-frozen. The strong wind and the cold icicles brought on by the cold welcome the coast, using an incredible view for viewers.

EDITOR’ S NOTE: Apart from appearing like a winter season wonderland made from crystal glass, Lake Balaton is thought about to be the biggest lake in main Europe. There are a couple of intriguing realities about this lake. Among the most fascinating ones is that Lake Balaton’ s water is radioactive to a medium level. Surprised? Well, really, it doesn’ t suggest anything bad. The water consists of liquified minerals and gases and is for that reason really helpful for anxious and rheumatic conditions, post-operative healing, and so on

Scroll down the page and see it on your own! And perhaps one day it will be your next travel location?

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