I lost 180,000 in a self-storage fire’

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Media caption Customers inform Shurgard’s Duncan Bell: “I do decline that apology”

Customers who lost personal belongings worth countless pounds when a self-storage storage facility burned down on New Year’s Eve have actually contradicted an apology.

Shurgard informed the BBC’s Victoria Derbyshire program it had actually complied completely with structure policies.

But the clients queried the absence of sprinklers and personnel on website at the Croydon storage facility, with 1,198 systems.

They stated they had actually likewise been “misinformed” over claims nostalgic personal belongings might be kept there.

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Image caption At its height, about 120 firemens took on the blaze in Purley Way, Croydon

Rachel Gould informed the BBC’s Victoria Derbyshire program: “I put the whole contents of my home because storage system – all my furnishings, the majority of my clothing, 2 cages filled with pictures … all my memories, all my cards and letters from my household.

“It’s all gone. I’m still in shock. I feel ravaged. And I seem like a big part of my individuality has actually simply vanished. Substantial parts of my household history have actually simply gone.”

Ms Gould stated she had actually lost treasures and letters from her just recently deceased grandma in the fire.

Mark Brewer stated he had actually lost £ 180,000 worth of stock from his charm company, which had actually brought his business to a stop.

“The company operationally has actually stopped, since I do not have anything to send for the orders that we have,” he stated.

He had actually likewise saved products coming from his late mom in a different system on website.

Image caption Duncan Bell stated the business had actually called consumers separately to apologise

Appearing on the program, Duncan Bell, vice-president of Operations at Shurgard, stated the business “wants to apologise”.

“We’ve apologised by e-mail. On the phone, we’ve been calling all our clients separately to speak with them to use our apologies and see what we can do to assist.

“I invite the opportunity to apologise here too face to face,” he stated.

But this was turned down by both Ms Gould and Mr Brewer, who both responded: “I do not accept that apology.”

Ms Gould included: “All I’ve been used is the insurance coverage level that I’ve gotten with Shurgard, so it’s £ 2,000 per system.”

Mr Brewer stated he had actually not been used “anything”.

“I’ve been directed to the insurer that are handling the insurance coverage declares,” he included.

‘No sprinklers’

Labour MP for Croydon North Steve Reed stated concerns stayed over how the fire had the ability to spread out.

“Not just was the style of the structure not built to consist of fire, it seems like it was built to help with the spread of fire,” he informed the program.

“The reality that the walls didn’t increase to the top of every system permits the flames to spread out from one system to another, the truth you have no concept what remained in each system … there might have been combustible product.

“There were no sprinklers in location. It sounds to me that these individuals have actually been offered services on the basis that this center was safe and secure and safe, however in fact no procedures have actually been put in to ensure a fire like this might get put out quickly.”

Image caption Firefighters went to the scene from about 20:00 GMT on New Year’s Eve

Ms Gould likewise questioned why personnel had actually been on website throughout “working hours” just – therefore had actually not existed when the fire had actually begun, at about 19:45 GMT.

She stated she likewise felt “misguided”, considered that the business’s site had actually assured to keep the valuables of enjoyed ones “safe” however the conditions and terms stated it was prohibited for consumers to keep “items with a unique or psychological worth”.

The business stated: “It’s a location we will definitely take a look at and if we believe it’s deceptive, we will unquestionably alter it.”

Mr Bell stated: “The structure, like all Shurgard structures, totally abide by all structure and fire policies.

“We are accountable for putting in location a working self-storage website, which was what we did.

“Nobody imagined this was going to occur and we are reacting in the very best and quickest method we can.”

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