“I Was Writing My Suicide Note”: Actress Ashley Judd Opens Up About How Her Dog Stopped a Stranger from Taking His Life

Actress Ashley Judd utilized to take her pet Shug with her definitely all over. The assistance canine accompanied her to every film set she used throughout her life time; and though the canine died at age 17, the genuine love she revealed lives on.

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“ Dogs practice existence, ” Judd shared in an interview with The Christian Post . “ They enjoy us precisely as we are. In some cases, that’ s all we require; simply sitting with somebody and letting our compassion circulation is the best helpfulness.”




Judd went on to expose that Shug was not just a caring buddy for her, however likewise for others — like an overall complete stranger in an airport who the puppy stopped from dedicating suicide.

On a journey from Czech Republic to New York, the starlet and her pet landed in the LaGuardia airport. Judd removed the cocker spaniel-poodle’ s vest, and Shug rapidly darted through the terminal to plant herself by a male composing in a note pad.

“ I resembled, ‘ Oh my gosh, what is going on? My pet never ever acts by doing this, ” the 50-year-old starlet remembered. “ So I visited obtain my pet, and he asked what her name was, and he stated, ‘ Oh, she ’ s adorable, ’ etc, etc, and we quickly talked prior to I left.”


A bit later on, Judd felt the existence of a shadow above her. She observed it was the exact same male standing there when she looked up.

“ May I reveal you what I was composing? ” he asked.

“ I was composing my suicide note, ” he continued. “ When your canine turned up and simply there with me, simply existing and advising me of my worth.”



Though they parted different methods at the time, Judd wound up being on the very same flight as the male, and they talked for hours.

Upon landing, he sent himself into treatment for his self-destructive ideas.

“ Today, he ’ s in healing and still sends me texts, upgrading me on his health, ” stated Judd. “ Shug was an exceptional pet dog. It’ s remarkable how God overcomes canines.”


“ We have our offered household– I like to state God has a funny bone — however we likewise have the chance to produce a selected household who we love and enjoy and who develop that required sense of security and belonging, ” she continued. “ Animals have an effective function in our lives and we require to treat them with the self-respect and regard that they treat us with.”


While animals are one source of convenience and a manner in which Judd feels God’ s existence in the world, she likewise has a day-to-day meditation practice that consists of 2 devotionals and the prayer of St. Francis in order to consistent the turmoil.

“ One of my preferred prayers is, ‘ God, please direct my actions and ideas and speech, ’ ” shared the starlet. “ Please provide me instinctive idea, a push so I understand how to deal with any scenario with grace and generosity.’ ”

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