Motiv is bringing NFC-based payments to its fitness ring

Announced method back at CES 2016, Motiv’ s physical fitness ring was precise and remarkably capable for its small kind aspect. Previously this year, the start-up assured to bring much more performance to the finger, beginning with biometric authentication that utilizes a user’ s gait to open gadgets.

This year at the program, the business’ s got a handful of extra brand-new functions to showoff. Many intriguing amongst them is upcoming addition of mobile payments, by means of NFC. How, specifically the platform works stays to be quickly, though the business assures security through the biometrics.

Interesting, the business likewise declares to be including ECG (electrocardiogram) readings. Once again, information are quite little on the function, which is due out next year. Naturally, Apple just recently brought the function to its smartwatch, and others are no doubt doing the same quickly.

It will be intriguing to see how the business handles to fit that into the ring’ s form aspect– certainly it needs to be lacking unused area by now. Ditto for how all of this eventually affects the life of the ring’s small integrated battery. No word on whether Motiv is actively pursuing FDA approval for the brand-new medical function.

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