The Best And Worst Dressed From The Golden Globes Red Carpet Betches

The Golden Globes is the very first huge program of the awards season so it’s constantly fascinating to see the attire options. With both TELEVISION, films, and a great deal of champagne, it’s more of a “celebration” than any of the others (aka they all get crunk.) Anyhow, idk if that entire “dgaf” mindset plays into the style options of the participants, however after last night’s red carpet, I’ve got to think so. Like, Melissa McCarthy c’mon! You’ re an amusing woman, however please inform me this gown was suggested as a joke??? I can’t cover my mind around the idea of you placing on this gown and searching in the mirror and going “Yes, this is the one. This purple, wizard-inspired number is precisely what I wish to use to the Golden Globes.” Well, obviously she wasn’t the only one who made a doubtful style option last night. Let’s get into all the rest! Here are the very best and worst dressed celebrities of last night’s Golden Globes red carpet, in no specific order.


Lady Gaga

Breath. F * cking. Taking. Everybody with eyeballs can concur that Lady Gaga took the program last night in this spectacular, periwinkle Valentino gown, honoring Judy Garland. It was the best combination of drama and class, with its Lady Gaga-level-of-extra outrageous train and remarkable material. Paired with the out-of-this-world shoes and stunning gems, let’s simply state a star was absolutely born upon last night’s red carpet. (Corny, however I needed to.) She appeared like a modern-day Elsa, and I was entirely here for it. My one grievance? The drooping hotdog bun hairdo. Down for the hair color, however difficult hand down the unfortunate, rolled-up bun plastered atop her head. However, she took the whole program, so all hail to you Gaga.

Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts can plainly do no incorrect, and this clothing is all the evidence you require. Whatever about this appearance was ideal — the side dove hair, completely customized pants, belted-waist, and one-shoulder tulle top, I imply, require I state more ??? All I might consider was her Lancome fragrance commercials and questioning if I need to go out and purchase it like, ASAP. I indicate, if the perfectly best Julia Roberts uses it, it’s got ta be impress! * Grabs wallet * Yup, it’s chosen, buying now.

Gemma Chan

Ever considering that I saw Crazy Rich Asians, I’ve been consumed with Gemma Chan. Like, embodiment of lady crush. Her function in the motion picture as a manager b * tch, independent lady, and style icon currently had me hooked. Now, that in mix with her spectacular charm and perfect off-screen design, I’m really beginning to believe my heterosexual methods might be altered. This dress/romper scenario was EVERYTHING. Like, I understand all of us believed we were over the notorious Angelina Jolie one-leg appearance, however after last night, Gemma Chan made all of us followers as soon as again. (* Cue “I’m A Believer” by Smash Mouth. *) Perfectly coupled with the matching Louboutin shoes, red lip, and the rest of her completely refined appearance, Gemma Chan’s Valentino Couture ~ lewk ~ was my by far winner of the night.

Kaley Cuoco

Okay, was anybody else getting significant Jen Aniston vibes from Kaley last night??? She had the signature Jennifer Aniston just-got-f * cked-then-had-a-margartita simple and easy appearance, and I enjoyed it. Not to point out, her dress had pockets. Like, what a freaking dream. I imply, simply think about all the mini and treats vodka bottles she had the ability to slip in!!! Looks like the luster of those geeks on The Big Bang Theory Rubbed off on her!

Regina King

Regina King will constantly have an unique location in my heart as the bad * ss babe who pressed diner-girl-Sam (aka Hilary Duff) to pursue her own fairytale-moment in my fav youth film, A Cinderella Story. I could not get enough of Princeton Girl’s secret online love affair with high school sweetheart Austin Ames, played by the one and just Chad Michael Murray. Like, this is a motivating contemporary fairy tale! Like, this is likewise probs why I’ m such a helpless romantic for dating apps now !!! Smh, I’ll need to ask my therapist about this later on. Anyways, back to Regina. The color was sensational on her and the gown completely flaunted her amazing body. Difficult 10.

Nicole Kidman

I was very on board with Nicole Kidman’s raised Britney Spears circa “Oops I did it Again” influenced dress. Not to discuss, her gown was unforgiving and as tight as Britney’s own renowned latex onesie. And yet, there wasn’t one ounce of pudge ANYWHERE. I imply, to go on and simply quote Britney herself, this appearance was really “sent out from above.”

Lili Reinhart

Betty Cooper was straight fire on the red carpet last night. Credit her current endeavor as the function of Gargoyle Queen or what, however she looked so freaking excellent. Her gown made a declaration, however not in an attempting too tough method. It wasn’t very apparent in all the images, however the tulle on the bottom half of the gown was in fact large, making it completely subtle intriguing. This appearance was the pure personification of innocent Betty Cooper, who likewise takes place to be a Southside snake, and loves bad young boy, Jughead Jones. And genuinely, there was absolutely nothing much better.


Janelle Monae

WTF is taking place??? Like, what am I taking a look at??? This attire is so f * cking additional and I merely can’ t find out what look she was even choosing here. My last conclusion of the appearance: Iron Man in Chanel participating in a post apocalyptic award program. The gold hat appears like it originated from a low-cost Aladdin outfit, while the neck equipment appears like it came directly from the set of Game of Thrones. Not to discuss, the ugly gold belt, which appears like among those totally free ones that comes connected to an INC one-piece suit from the clearance rack of Macy’s. To truly take this want to the tomb, it appears that Tina Knowles even had the last discuss the appearance, and took out her sewing package to toss on some unneeded gold sequins. Yikes, guy.

Melissa McCarthy

Okay Miss Frizzle! Truthfully, I had a tough time choosing which was even worse this appearance, or Janelle Monae’ s. Both horrible in their own aspects. This gown appears like an inexpensive wizard outfit somebody’ s mother produced the school play. If anybody has actually ever seen Fantasia, then you understand she looks EXACTLY like Mickey Mouse impersonated a wizard. And tbh, I believe Mickey used it much better. Sorry, Melissa, you’re still funnier though, Mickey might never ever.

Lucy Liu

This gown offered me a bad taste of fond memories that my Sunday scaries just weren’t gotten ready for. Keep in mind in elementary school when it was supes cool to have glow-in-the-dark stars on your ceiling and a tulle canopy over your bed? Toss in some neon Lisa Frank prints and colors, and there you have it, Lucy Liu’s gown. Possibly my prepubescent self would have liked this, however my judgy 20-something self disliked it.

Judy Greer

There’s an ideal method to do menswear, and there’s an incorrect method. This was the incorrect method. There’s no other way big-time publication editor, Jenna Rink, would have endured Lucy’s conniving half-assed relationship if she had actually appeared to their necessary publication celebration in this monstrosity. Perhaps if she had actually lost the collared t-shirt and bow tie, I would have liked it. As is, there’s no method Lucy (aka Tom-Tom) would have even been enabled in the “Six Chicks.” Simply stating.

Constance Wu

This gown actually tossed me for a loop. In its essence, I in fact do like the gown. The naked color on Wu’s porcelain skin was not perfect. Nor was the unneeded orange velour bow, which undervalued the entire appearance. Like, if the underwear design leading half of the gown didn’t currently make the appearance incomplete enough, the bow truly had me questioning whether this gown was really prepared to be used or not. It advised me of when you panic and understand you do not have anything to cover your present in, so you begin taking apart your space to discover a worthless piece of ribbon in effort to make it appear like you attempted. I suggest, Vera Wang did make a few of the dress for last night, so she was def a hectic girl. Perhaps Constance’s occurred to be last, and actually simply wasn’t completed on time? If that held true, then possibly she should have at least chosen a more refined and attractive hairdo to combat the incomplete gown, however what do I understand?

Amber Heard

This appearance legitimate simply injure my head. For the life of me, I could not comprehend where her waist ended and her legs began. It really advised me of something from a scene in a film where they’re offering the primary character a transformation, and she tries out a lot of various appearances till she gets to the ideal one. And this appearance was certainly among the examples of an incorrect one. In specific, it advised me of among the insanely ugly looks that Lizzie tried out throughout that style program scene in The Lizzie McGuire film. The complicated percentages of the gown blended with the Renaissance queen hairdo was all excessive for my bad eyes to bear.

Jamie Lee Curtis

Okay, this appearance was a toughy since there was excellent and there was bad. Not going to lie, if “GILF” isn’t currently in Urban Dictionary then it requires to be included with this picture of Jamie Lee Curtis from the Golden Globes last night. With her radiant skin and bronzed spray tan, Jamie Lee Curtis appeared like she’s been living her finest f * cking life. The pure white hair with the pure white dress was not the method to go. She appeared like a cross in between Jack Frost from Santa Clause 3 and a Q-Tip on her method to senior prom. In summary, Jamie Lee Curtis you look terrific, however need to probs fire your stylist.

The Golden Globes was the ideal storm of style high-highs and low-lows. There were lots of other respectable points out however tbh, I didn’t even understand who half of them were, and for that reason, did not feel I had the authority to respectively praise or slam their appearance. Jk, who am I kidding, I’m more than delighted to evaluate them regardless. It simply would have truthfully taken me another 2 days to blog about legitimate EVERYONE in participation. I’m completely positive y’ all will flood the remark areas with all the ones I left off, so go ahead, and let the trolling start.

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