The Different Types Of Ghosts That Could Be Haunting You
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The Different Types Of Ghosts That Could Be Haunting You

Not all paranormal activity is equal. There are many different types of ghosts out there. You should learn about each one so you know what to expect if you come in contact with one.

Types Of Ghosts:

Type: The Poltergeist

Description: Poltergeists are ‘noisy ghosts.’ They have the ability to manipulate the physical environment. They can open windows and drawers. They can move chairs and push books off shelves. They can turn on bathtubs and turn off lights. They can slam doors and even start fires.

Poltergeist activity usually starts off mildly, causing occurrences that people mistake as coincidences. However, as time passes, the activity will intensify. Sometimes the poltergeist will leave on its own, but other times it will end with deadly consequences.

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Type: The Interactive Personality

Description: These are the most common ghosts. They are loved ones who are returning to bring you comfort or to convey important information they believe you should know. These ghosts can emit a scent like perfume or cigarette smoke in order to help you sense their presence. They can also make noises and might even speak to you.

Interactive personalities retain the same personality that they had when they were alive and can still experience emotions. These ghosts are friendly and return because they know you need to see them again, they know you need their help.

Type: Orbs

Description: Orbs are the most common type of photographic evidence to support the existence of ghosts. They are either blue or white translucent balls of light that appear hovering over the ground in pictures.

Orbs are the soul of a human or animal that is traveling from one place to another. They appear as circles because they shape makes it easier for them to get around. However, the longer they exist in our world, the easier they can transform into a full-bodies apparition.

Type: Funnel Ghosts

Description: These ghosts are loved ones returning to visit. They most frequently appear in old historical buildings or inside of private homes where they once lived.

Funnel Ghosts cause cold spots and when they are visibly seen they look like a swirling funnel. They can also be caught in photographs as a spiral of light.

Types: Ectoplasm / Ecto-Mist

Description: These ghosts appear several feet off the ground. They take the shape of a swirling mass of mist in either white, grey, or black. They can move quickly, but they can also choose to remain in place and orbit. They appear outdoors, in graveyards, in battlefields, and at historical sites.

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Type: Demonic Possessed Human Entity

Description: When an evil spirit infiltrates a living person, it controls their conscious energy. Since they are inhabiting a physical body, these ghosts have a greater strength than the rest. They can move objects, hurt people, and kill as they please. They are as dangerous as demons.

Type: Demons

Description: These are powerful, supernatural beings. They can invade homes, attach themselves to objects, and inflict mental and physical torture. These ghosts can morph into any shape. However, they are most commonly witnessed as black masses standing in doorways.

It is common for multiple demons to exist in the same location, because of energies that are blocking them from crossing over. These ghosts should never be challenged because they are capable of killing.

Type: Shadow People

Description: You can spot these ghosts out of the corner of your eye, but as soon as you turn to look at them, they will usually vanish.

If you happen to see them face-to-face, you will notice an extremely dark void. A silhouette of a person. They could be wearing a hood or a cloak. Soon after you spot them, they can retreat into corners, through walls, into closets, and into televisions. They could even fade into the darkness of night.

Type: Crowd Demon

Description: These ghosts are attracted to crowds. They only show up in locations that are occupied by large groups of people. When they are photographed, they take the form of distorted shapes.

Type: Animal Ghosts

Description: Although they can appear as full-body apparitions, animal ghosts are commonly heard rather than seen. They might scratch on the doors or on walls, make scraping sounds against the floor, whine, or bark.

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