To Christians Slamming Lauren Daigle for Saying Shes Not a “Christian Artist”

You might or might not have actually heard the news by now that Lauren Daigle just recently came out in a radio interview stating she doesn’ t especially determine as a “ Christian artist ” any longer


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In a section previously this month with 104.3 MYFM , the job interviewer asked her the following series of concerns:

“ What do you call yourself? What do you call yourself? Do you call yourself still a Christian artist even in the mainstream, or what do you call yourself?&rdquo


“ I seem like those labels get placed on you by other individuals, ” she responded. “ I read posts, I read them here therein, and among them stated Christian artist and the other ones stated simply artist. I believe part of me is simply an artist since it incorporates whatever. That’ s type of how I seemyself.”


Once the listed below YouTube video of her remark was launched, together with a complete 20-minute interview that prevented any reference of “ Jesus ” or “ God, ” Christians fasted to knock the vocalist for shedding her Christian identity.

“ Shame on you Daigle, ” “ SELL OUT, ” and “ deceiver ” were simply a couple of amongst numerous unfavorable remarks gushed out online.

“ Lauren Daigle is NOT about Jesus … she is undoubtedly about herself. She does not represent Christ-followers, ” composed one YouTube user.

… While other remarks got back at more heated.

“ Daigle … … … You didn ’ t even provide God the Glory for true blessing you with a fantastic voice! You didn’ t as soon as discuss the name of our Lord JESUS CHRIST!, ” included another disrupted commenter. “ Shame on YOU Daigle. Since plainly you have actually gone astray &hellip, May our Lord Jesus Christ lead you back onto the ideal course;. REPENT.”



After just recently offering a questionable reaction about whether homosexuality is a sin in stating “ I can ’ t state one method or the other, ” Daigle ’ s appeal with a particular sector of her Christian audience has actually gone downhill.


Admittedly, when I initially heard the news about Daigle’ s homosexuality remarks and her maybe dropping her “ Christian artist ” title, I did question her method and questioned if her mainstream appeal might be drawing her far from her roots or her guts to speak Truth.

However, a larger piece of me questioned if Christians ’ actions to her actions are among the factors a great deal of individuals wear’ t like Christians.


Much of the commentary led me to consider Matthew 7:1 -3

“ Do not judge, or you too will be evaluated. For in the very same method you evaluate others, you will be evaluated, and with the step you utilize, it will be determined to you. Why do you take a look at the speck of sawdust in your sibling’ s eye and disregard the slab in your own eye?”


In John 24, Jesus likewise stated, “ Do not evaluate according to look, however judge with an exemplary judgment.”


And I can ’ t assistance however marvel, are the Christians evaluating Lauren Daigle seeing with eyes of the Spirit or eyes of the flesh?

From what I can inform, we’ re seeing with our human eyes and listening with our human ears, yet announcing judgment as though we are God almighty, and as though we wear’ t have slabs in our own eyes.

Maybe you’ re dissatisfied in a few of her responses, perhaps you stop listening to her music, or perhaps you pray for her , however given that when were we contacted us to name-call and toss intense darts at sis in Christ, or anybody for that way?

Yes, exemplary judgment and motivating Christ fans to boldly share Truth is a great thing, however to what degree is character shaming and degrading somebody doing anything?

Who are we to state that Lauren Daigle is a “ deceiver ” and a “ embarassment ” to the Christian name?


If we turn versus our own, how most likely are non-Christians to want to join our ‘ special club ’?


If I ’ m being truthful, yes I want to see Lauren Daigle unashamedly pronounce Truth to non-believers and hold on to the Christian name — and I wish to “ believe ” I would do the exact same … however the truth is, I ’ m not her. And I wear ’ t have the pressure of being asked extremely polarizing concerns on an incredibly public platform. Nor do you.

I can just IMAGINE how challenging it needs to be to segue into the nonreligious world where many individuals have a really disdainful view towards Christians since we’ re viewed as judgmental and ‘ holier than thou.’


In our cumulative shaming of Lauren Daigle, aren’ t we making their point? How does that make us various than the Pharisees?

Have you ever remained in a people-pleasing scenario where you merely put on’ t understand the best response to provide since you understand something to be undoubtedly real, however you ALSO understand [to pass on] that in specific terms will lose the love and trust of the individual you’ re speaking with? Picture being put in that position — however over and over and OVER once again … and in front of millions.

To state the pressure may get to you is most likely an understatement.

In stating this, I’ m not promoting for all of Lauren Daigle’ s actions or words, however simply posturing there might be more going on behind the scenes than we understand, and there has actually been a lot left “ unsaid ” that we are putting in her mouth.

Yes, Daigle specified “ I believe part of me is simply an artist, ” however did sheclearly state she ’ s no longer Christian nor attempting to spread out the Gospel to the unchurched? No.

I wear’ t understand your task title, however whether you’ re an engineer, instructor, CEO, or plumbing, do you reference yourself as “ Christian ” prior to your title? Do you state, “ Hello there great to satisfy you. I’ m a ‘ Christian ’ engineer. ’ ” My guess is most likely not.


So while fans are utilized to labeling and classifying vocalists into specific groups (as Daigle discussed), perhaps she would rather determine as an “ artist ” and SHOW individuals that she’ s “ Christian, ” unlike her critics.


And as Christians, I hope that we end up being faster to likewise reveal our “ Christian ” title through grace and grace, instead of very first tossing stones.

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